Collation Shrink

Package integrity for pallet and multipack unitization

Walking through a grocery store, a consumer grabs a collated case of soda cans from the shelf, attracted by the packaging design and branding. She isn’t thinking of the supply chain rigors the package faced to reach the market in peak condition. But we are. 

Our collation shrink resins meet the demands of current and emerging shrink applications: thinner films designed to tightly wrap goods and multi-unit packages with exceptional integrity and appearance.




  • Bottled soda, water and other drinks
  • Boxed juices
  • Canned soda, beer and specialty drinks


  • Canned goods
  • Boxes, such as cereals
  • Baked goods
E-commerce overwrap

E-commerce overwrap

Other consumer goods

Other consumer goods

One size does not fit all

We help our customers develop effective collation shrink solutions in a collaborative process, from product development through commercialization. Our Centre for Performance Applications in Calgary offers advanced prototyping capabilities with a commercial-scale shrink tunnel, multiple blown film lines and “performance-in-use”test equipment specifically developed for shrink film. 

Collaborative service is paired with a broad shrink product portfolio. Our collation shrink resins are known for consistency, for maximizing productivity on blown film lines and for maintaining the integrity of packaged products for collation applications. They stand out through: 

  • Optimized holding force for package integrity throughout the supply chain, including the additional touch points in e-commerce fulfillment 
  • Consumer shelf appeal. Our products help provide ideal surfaces for print graphics for traditional and emerging applications.  
  • Stiffness and toughness to protect products within and offer consumers easy-open access. 
  • Film structure designs that help enable compliance with Amazon’s Ships-in-Own-Container (SIOC) and Frustration Free Packaging (FFP) initiatives.



For collation shrink films requiring superior physical properties and optics, SPs116-C octene LLDPE is the material of choice. This versatile product offers a broad seal window, abuse resistance, excellent adhesion and exceptionally low haze. Combined with LDPE, SPs116-C meets the requirements of the most demanding collation shrink applications.

Product Portfolio

Our product slate includes a full range of LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE and LDPE resins. We’ve tiered our portfolio to align with market demands, from optics and printability to processability and opportunities for material replacement.

  • Basic Applications: Reliable package integrity at a competitive total structure cost.
  • Mid-level Applications: Smooth surfaces for print aesthetics and standout shelf appeal.
  • Premium Applications: Performance resins that enable new shrink film applications or downgauging of high-end shrink packaging.


Material Reduction for Collated Packaging

Plastic shrink film for 6-packs and cases of beer uses up to 75 percent less material than cardboard. What’s more, when these films are made entirely with polyethylene resins, they can be recycled via in-store drop-off collection sites throughout the U.S. and repurposed into new, valuable consumer products including stretch wrap, dunnage film, or even food packaging. 

We also work with our customers to create shrink film structure designs for new pack designs that eliminate secondary packaging supports like pads and trays. Collation packaging like this reduces packaging weight, shipping volume and excess material for overall savings to the environment and the producer.