NOVA Chemicals' mission is to be the leader in innovation that enables our customers to deliver plastic products that make everyday life, healthier, easier, and safer.

Bringing our Mission to Life

In the polyethylene business, we help to fulfill our mission everyday through our work with customers and across the value chain. Rapidly evolving trends and market demands, along with emerging technologies that allow us improve applications or even re-imagine how we use polyethylene, are shaping the packaging and products of the future. We help our customers stay a step ahead with our deep market and technical expertise, proprietary technology, and a customer-centric, collaborative approach.

Our Focus



Plastics have no place in the natural environment. We’re working internally and with our customers on polyethylene solutions that enable a circular plastics economy, and to help each other reach our sustainability goals.



Online shopping is growing exponentially every year. Tougher packages and different form factors are needed to stand up to the rigors of the e-commerce supply chain, along with newer requirements for recyclability and the elimination of excess packaging. We’re working with our customers, particularly in flexible film markets, to meet these growing needs.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

The drive to help our customers succeed in their businesses propels our research, powers our discoveries and advancements, and inspires our people. And it’s because of this drive, this dedication, that our customers trust us to develop innovative products, applications, and services that give them an edge in the market.

Markets We Serve

Product Lines

Our portfolio of polyethylene resins is sold under three brand names that deliver the range of properties our customers need for their unique applications:


Octene resins made with our proprietary Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ technology for a unique combination of properties not found in traditional polyethylene resins. SURPASS resins can offer better processability, enable substantial lightweighting, or provide ultra-high barrier protection, strength, toughness, or impact resistance.

SCLAIR® Resins

Versatile by design. The well-proven, trusted SCLAIR solution-phase polymerization process produces a wide range of resins. SCLAIR products offer broad molecular weight, excellent environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), and consistent, familiar processing characteristics.


Trusted resins for product consistency, reliability, and versatility with an excellent balance of mechanical properties.