ASTUTE™ Plastomers

Unlock the packaging of the future with high-performance ASTUTE Plastomers

ASTUTE plastomers are a family of high-performance sealant resins within NOVA Chemicals’ innovative portfolio of polyethylenes and recycled polyethylenes. To develop these resins, our team of experts extended our Advanced SCLAIRTECH® Technology into the plastomer space in order to deliver superior sealing compared to typical polyethylene resins.

Choosing an ASTUTE resin means you’ll get a consistent and reliable product that delivers high-performance sealing and durability to handle the most demanding use cases.

With their superior seal performance, ASTUTE resins are built to enable fully recyclable, 100% polyethylene structures alongside our SURPASS® biaxially oriented polyethylene (BOPE) and machine direction orientation (MDO) resins.

About the Resins

ASTUTE plastomer resins provide opportunities for downgauging and lightweighting while enabling excellent processability and sealing. These resins are suitable for a variety of applications including food packaging, heavy duty sacks, and e-commerce.


  • Broad sealing window enables robust packages at high production speeds
  • Exceptional seal strength accommodates a wide range of film structures, including all polyethylenes
  • Optimal breathability for fresh produce
  • Excellent optics enhance the visual appeal of packaging
  • Great toughness and puncture resistance to deliver durability

ASTUTE resins are available to customers in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. You can view our Product Data Sheets here: ASTUTE QPsK905-A and ASTUTE QHsK908-A.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn how ASTUTE plastomers can be incorporated into your existing portfolio.