Trash and Liner

Strong, dependable bags that get the job done

We’re all consumers. When it’s your turn to take out the trash, you know exactly why NOVA Chemicals and our customers won’t stand for spills, leaks and odors. Our polyethylene resins enhance the strength and dependability of consumer trash bags so that no matter the job, there’s no mess. Industrial and institutional applications are no different. Our resins go into liners that protect powders, resins and chemical contents within and medical waste bags that protect from the risk of infection.




  • Kitchen Catchers
  • Lawn Bags
  • Trash Can Liners


  • Box Liners
  • Bulk Container Liners
  • Specialty Chemicals


  • Hospitality & Restaurant
  • Janitorial & Retail
  • Hazardous Waste Bags

More than a bag resin

Every bag must prevent leaks and spills. NOVA Chemicals resins help them do more. Our resins are tailored to the unique needs of each trash and liner application. Odor containment in consumer bags banishes smelly trash that can affect the whole home. High toughness and moisture barrier are critical for industrial liners, where the focus is on speed and sensitive goods may be stored for longer periods.

Our resins also help deliver quality trash bags and liners that use the least amount of material possible to minimize environmental footprint and reduce landfill waste. High melt strength provides bubble stability, which enables two key benefits:

  • Higher productivity and efficiency on blown film lines.
  • Uniform film gauge, which produces more uniform bags and enables downgauging.


Enabling the Circular Economy with Bag-to-Bag Recycling

Recyclate from grocery sacks, dry cleaning bags, bottled water case wrap, and many other types of bags and overwrap can be recycled right back into new bags and overwrap. Our ready-to-recycle resins lend themselves to be used with a high level of post-consumer recycle (PCR) plastic while helping the entire film structure retain key performance attributes.