Centre of Excellence for Plastics Circularity

Working together to develop innovative and practical solutions that reshape plastics for a better, more sustainable world.

Plastic products play an essential role in our daily lives, and at NOVA Chemicals we believe that businesses like ours have a responsibility to help reshape those plastics for a better, more sustainable world. We also know that developing effective and scalable solutions to the world’s various complex plastics challenges and being a catalyst for a low-carbon, zero-plastic-waste future will take more than us alone. This is why we created our Centre of Excellence for Plastics Circularity.

NOVA Chemicals’ Centre of Excellence for Plastics Circularity is a hub for knowledge exchange and technology development for the circular economy of plastics. Our aim is to position Canada as a global leader in circular economy best practices and sustainable plastics management through R&D collaboration and value chain-integration.

By working with this new network of industry peers and Canadian research institutions, we will be able to accelerate Canada’s standing in plastics circularity innovation while simultaneously furthering global efforts in sustainable plastics management.

Collaboration is the catalyst for accelerating innovation. Through our Centre of Excellence, we will unite with academia and skilled researchers nationwide to forge groundbreaking solutions. Together we will propel Canada to lead the global circular economy of plastics.

– Mehdi Keshtkar, VP Innovation, NOVA Chemicals

From coast-to-coast, Canadians are pioneering technologies and impactful, practical solutions to plastics management. Our mission is to bridge the gaps that exist between transforming these innovations from leading-edge ideas into commercially viable solutions.

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