Biaxial Shrink

Tough, high-clarity packaging to protect complex-shaped goods and food

Seeing is believing. At the top of every shopper’s list is the ability to see the goods they’re buying so they can be sure everything is in tip-top condition. From buns and shampoo to games and furnace filters, cross-lined biaxial shrink film packaging made from NOVA Chemicals SCLAIR® resins is crystal clear and tough as nails. 



Cheeses, pizza, candy and meats

Consumer Goods

Including toys and furnace filters


Books and Magazines

For products with complex, three-dimensional geometries, our biaxial film resins help create packaging that can withstand handling abuse and provide high puncture resistance and exceptional clarity. In addition, our biaxial shrink resins are known for consistency to maximize productivity on double bubble lines.

We collaborate with our customers to develop better biaxial shrink applications, from product development through commercialization. Our expertise in product design, coupled with our technical service, helps ensure our customers get the best solutions for uniform equi-biaxial shrinkage and increased protection of single-wrapped objects – all while improving yield.

NOVA Chemicals octene SCLAIR and SURPASS® LLDPE resins, made with our proprietary Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ technology, offer an unrivaled stiffness-toughness balance and superior optical properties.