Tough, lightweight parts for the most demanding applications

Rotomolding is not just a cost-effective process for custom and short-run goods, it’s the best way to ensure consistent wall thickness and part durability.  From impact-resistant kayaks to rust-free dumpsters and durable agricultural tanks that stand up to years in the hot sun, rotomolded products made with NOVA Chemicals resins simply perform – with less material and reduced energy usage. 




Industrial & Commercial

Industrial & Commercial

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Custom Parts

Quality Matters

Our suite of rotomolding solutions includes our well-proven NOVAPOL resins and advanced SURPASS resins that enable rotomolded products that are more innovative, more cost-effective and better performing. Exceptional products are supported by our dedicated and highly experienced technical and commercial teams as well as our distribution partners.

  • Our resins provide an excellent balance of properties including an industry-leading combination of stiffness, toughness and ESCR. Our resins give you the confidence that tanks and other durable parts will perform in the field and last longer with repeated usage.
  • Exceptional processability through an expanded processing window reduces scrap and cycle time.
  • Versatile products that effectively serve a breadth of applications enable resin consolidation to reduce supply chain costs.
  • When color matters, our SURPASS solutions produce brilliant colored parts and the whitest white in unpigmented parts.


Lightweighting Tanks with SURPASS® RMs245 Resin

Large industrial storage tanks, which can hold up to 20,000 gallons or more, require a lot of polyethylene. For faster production runs and light-weighting opportunities that make an impact, we create rotomolding resin solutions that reduce energy and material consumption for a smaller carbon footprint.

In fact, our SURPASS® RMs245 resin has a hydrostatic design basis (HDB) rating of 1,600 PSI, which essentially means large tanks and other parts made with this resin can be lightweighted up to 20 percent — depending on the part and performance requirements — vs. tanks molded with traditional hexene HDPE  resins. Cycle time can also see an improvement of 15 percent or more due to our SURPASS resins’ superior processability.


Collaborating for Success with Dura-Cast Products

Dura-Cast Products, Inc. in Lake Wales, Florida is considered one of the largest rotomolders in the Southeast U.S. It boasts thousands of custom-part molds, dedicated large and small tank molding operations, and a wide-ranging list of prominent customers. In 2014 Dura-Cast invested in large tank molding equipment, looking to grow their business in one of the largest rotomolding sectors. However, manufacturing inefficiencies were hurting the bottom line and a lack of design expertise had them lagging behind the competition. 

That’s when we stepped in. We worked with Dura-Cast and distributor M Holland to share design efficiencies and help optimize the physical properties of their large tanks with our SURPASS RMs245-U/UG resin. We worked together through on-site physical trials to prove the product’s promised benefits. Two years later, Dura-Cast is steadily increasing their usage of the resin, and every tank made with RMs245 saves Dura-Cast 10 percent in material costs, up to 10 percent in labor costs due to improved cycle times, and even reduced energy costs.

Dura-Cast Products

Download the product infosheet to learn more about RMs245 resin.

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