Stretch Film

Protect palletized and other goods in storage and transit

In a warehouse, an efficient picking process requires pallet integrity. We understand the need to move products through the supply chain as quickly and as efficiently as possible – and in optimal condition. We also know the rigors pallets and merchandised goods face along the way, from warehouse storage and picking to cross-country shipping. That’s why our stretch film resins are designed to help keep goods in place and in excellent condition as merchandise pallets go from points A to Z.


Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film

Why Choose NOVA Chemicals?

Our resins help to reduce material usage and cost with thinner films that don’t compromise on performance. In the application, they help protect pallet unitization and product bundling. Here’s how: 

  • Exceptional lot-to-lot consistency for smooth cast or blown film operations. 
  • Uniform gauge film and excellent edge stability to improve productivity and enable downgauging.
  • Puncture and tear resistance to help palletized goods maintain their shape and integrity no matter the rigors they face throughout the supply chain. 


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with High-Performance Stretch Films

Our resins help you produce stretch film with the performance needed to contain shipping loads with the minimum amount of film. Our polymer technology helps enable film strength and downgauging to minimize pallet product loss while reducing material usage and environmental footprint. 

Better, tougher stretch solutions reduce the need for secondary rigid packaging, such as trays and corner protectors. Our resins and film structure designs enable lighter shipments, less secondary packaging and a reduced overall environmental footprint.