Safe, reliable supply chains for on-time delivery, every time

At NOVA Chemicals, logistics is more than just delivering quality resins. It’s doing our part to deliver a customer experience that’s second to none. It’s products shipped on time and received on time—safely and reliably, seamlessly and predictably. For us, every delivery is a promise made and a promise kept.

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Everything our logistics group does is geared to giving our customers the peace of mind that their products will arrive safely and on-time, every time. And it starts with our people, the foundation of our success. Every day, they’re innovating to improve our processes, systems and tools to deliver on our supply reliability promise. They have the know-how to keep operations running smoothly day to day, and to solve problems when the unexpected happens. 

Exceeding the Highest Standards  

We expect the best from ourselves and our transportation partners. By monitoring and measuring on-time shipping and delivery performance, transit times and other transportation statistics, we can identify risks to on-time delivery and work to prevent or mitigate them. When a delivery delay does occur, we keep our customers informed so we can work together to mitigate risks to their operations.

The same standards apply to our railcars. We work with railcar builders to ensure every new car we order has the best safety devices and loading and unloading technology incorporated. Stringent cleaning, sealing, maintenance and inspection guidelines when fulfilling customer orders help ensure that every pellet is loaded, transported and delivered safely and securely.

Expecting the Unexpected

Resiliency is critical when “things happen” – and they do. We have a reputation for taking extraordinary measures to help our customers keep their lines running, no matter what the circumstances. When weather or anything else threatens on-time delivery, we follow time-tested, effective disruption protocols to mitigate potential delays. Strong collaborative relationships with transportation partners allow us to quickly implement alternative shipping solutions, while keeping our customers informed every  step of the way.

Staying close to the customer and keeping an eye on the future, we’re on a continuous journey to provide the safest, most reliable delivery.