Caps and Closures

Performance resins with best-in-class organoleptics and optimal processability

Raising little ones? Then you know that during the past several years, baby food packaging has advanced from glass jars to plastic cups to stand-up pouches with fitments.

Material choice can make the difference between your precious one’s meal having impeccable taste or an unappetizing plastic flavor. Our polyethylene closure resins help ensure that mom and dad can be confident that their little one’s food is fresh and delicious from the first squeeze.




  • Carbonated Soft Drink
  • Dairy
  • Hot Fill
  • Water
Fitments & Food

Fitments & Food

  • Condiments
  • Baby Food
  • Edible Oils
  • Stand Cap
Household & Industrial

Household & Industrial

  • Motor Oil
  • Indoor & Outdoor Piping
  • Kitchen & Bath Cleanser
  • Dispensing Assemblies
Pharma & Nutraceuticals

Pharma & Nutraceuticals

World-class applications development capabilities

With each new cap or closure application, converters must meet a different set of requirements, whether preserving the crisp, clean taste of beverages, keeping moisture or air out of fitments or preventing tampering with pharmaceuticals. Developing a new high-performance closure is complex, requiring deep expertise as well as collaboration across the supply chain.

We bring a range of application development capabilities to new closure development projects – and all our caps and closures work. From prototyping to testing to modeling, the processes we do in-house save our customers’ resources and valuable line time – letting them focus on commercial production while speeding time to market for new products and applications.

Significant investments in modeling capabilities allow us to simulate resin performance, processing conditions and closure designs. This technology helps converters select the right candidate resins for new applications and move to commercialization faster, saving time and money across the value chain.


Leading the Way to All-Polyethylene, Recyclable Closures

Polyethylene has long been preferred for water bottle closures due to its superior organoleptic (taste and odor) properties. Now, several NOVA Chemicals polyethylene resins have the performance properties required for hot fill and carbonated soft drink (CSD) beverage closures. Converting hot fill and CSD from polypropylene to polyethylene enables the closure to have a one-piece construction, which offers two key sustainability benefits: less material usage and easier recyclability to reduce landfill waste.

We also support industry initiatives such as the Caps On program that make it easier to recycle and keep caps out of landfills – and ultimately lead to less waste.

Our Centre for Performance Applications in Calgary features robust closure capabilities. Injection and compression molders let us replicate molders’ manufacturing methods, and a dedicated closures lab includes a range of downstream test equipment that validates performance under real-world conditions.

We tailor our resin architectures to specific customers, closure designs and molding processes to deliver:

  • Excellent processability to improve process cycle time and reduce reject rates.
  • Best-in-class taste and odor properties. Consistent, clean taste in every product, from water and carbonated soft drinks to baby food and condiments.
  • Exceptional barrier and seal performance to protect package contents, extending shelf-life and maintaining product integrity.
  • High temperature resistance for stiffness and strength in hot fill applications.
  • Superior environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) to mitigate the risk of failures at high temperature and pressure.



For next-generation beverage closures that must meet the strictest processability and performance requirements, our SURPASS® CCs154 resin delivers superior ESCR and organoleptics. CCs154 is suitable for a broad range of applications –meaning you can use fewer resins – and its unique balance of properties include creep resistance and impact performance that make it ideal for lightweighting and reduced doming.