Household Bags and Wrap

Keep perishable foods fresher, longer

Leftovers make lunches and solo dinners easy and delicious – unless they’ve spoiled. Our resins help converters create the baggies and wrap that keep last night’s leftovers fresh – not to mention produce, deli meats and more. We offer a portfolio of resins for mono and multilayer household storage bags and wrap that help stop moisture and frost, and preserve the foods within. 


Reclosable Storage Bags

Reclosable Storage Bags

Plastic Food Wrap

Plastic Food Wrap

Our household bag and wrap resins have a range of properties required for food and goods storage, including: 

  • Barrier protection to extend fresh food shelf life and reduce food waste. Our resins help bags remain airtight and help wrap tightly cling to keep out moisture, frost and outside contaminants.
  • Puncture resistance to protect the contents of a bag or wrap from moisture, oxygen or contaminants that can cause spoilage.
  • Exceptional clarity that lets the consumer keep an eye on the bag or wrap’s contents.
  • Excellent lot-to-lot consistency for drop-in performance. Our Perfect Batch quality assurance program helps ensure that all of our resins meet tight specifications so you can be sure they’ll run well on your line.
  • Low melt index grades for excellent production efficiency on blown film application lines. 

Key Product Highlight

NOVAPOL® PF-0118-F resin is designed and formulated to be more forgiving and robust in bag and wrap applications that include recyclate. It can be used as a virgin resin to compensate for a high percentage of typical quality recyclate, and it can be mechanically recycled with less loss of performance than typical PE resins due its thermal stability.

Sustainability Stories

Polyethylene household bags and wrap help consumers keep foods fresher longer with the least amount of material. Bags and wrap made with NOVA Chemicals resins prevent contamination and premature spoilage of perishable foods. Cling wrap also provides barrier performance to extend shelf life and reduce food waste.