Customer Experience

We do more than deliver quality, consistent resins. We put our customers at the center of everything we do.

Assets and capabilities that help us deliver a customer experience like no other.

The drive to help our customers succeed in their businesses propels our research, powers our discoveries and advancements, and inspires our people. And it’s because of this drive, this dedication, that our customers trust us to develop innovative products, applications and services that give them an edge in the market.

Centre for Performance Applications

Centre for Performance Applications

Next-gen R&D for rapid resin and applications design. Bring your ideas to life without interrupting your production line

Centre for Applied Research

Centre for Applied Research

Catalyst, process and product R&D from stepchange improvements to breakthrough innovations

Technical Service

Expert support from concept to commercialization

Customer Service

Best in class order management, proactive problem solving

Product Quality

A holistic approach to ensuring consistency and quality


Safe, reliable, on-time product delivery

Modeling Tools

Our proprietary BONFIRE® Film Development Platform and our closures simulation capabilities and advanced material models help narrow the material and design options for a new application before ever running physical trials.

Modeling Tools