Heavy Duty Sack

Package integrity for heavy, large and other demanding applications

If you have ever picked up a bag of mulch or dog food in a sack that looked the worse for wear, you understand the importance of exceptional creep resistance (the ability to resist distortion over time) and toughness. Our heavy duty sack (HDS) resins and film structure designs help these products make it from the manufacturer to the consumer’s home – with all the stops in between – in great shape.


Food Packaging

Food Packaging

  • Bulk
  • Consumer
  • Institutional


  • Salt
  • Resin
  • Specialty Chemicals


  • Grout & Sand
  • Cement & Concrete
  • Aggregate




Lawn & Garden

Lawn & Garden

Pet Food

Pet Food

Heavy Duty Performance

Resin performance and structure design are especially critical in the demanding heavy duty sack market. We collaborate with our customers to help them develop cost-effective heavy duty packaging that can withstand the rigors of the supply chain and meet the other requirements of each application – starting with the BONFIRE® film development platform, our proprietary suite of tools for designing and improving complex multilayer films.

Our slate of performance resins are designed for consumer and industrial multi-wall sacks with a capacity of 10 to 100 lb, with the performance properties, quality and consistency, and processability needed in heavy duty sack applications:

  • Creep performance to preserve package form and reduce package failures.
  • Exceptional stiffness and toughness to help maintain the shape and design of a package, resist abuse and provide optimal seal integrity. Our HDS resins help to protect the contents of each package from external contamination and resulting waste and spoilage, especially for pet food and institutional food service applications.
  • Seal integrity to ensure seal through contamination such as dust and other fine particulates.
  • Enhanced barrier through multilayer film structures that preserve large-format food packaging and specialty chemicals
  • Recyclability through redesign of mixed material structures to meet mechanical recycling standards. Our resins and film structure designs allow for completely recyclable packaging for products that require barrier performance, like pet food bags that protect and preserve the food of our precious four-legged family members.
  • Structure design expertise for packaging that includes recyclate.
  • Beautiful appearance qualities for shelf appeal and branding.



SPsK919-F, part of a new class of resins developed with our Advanced SCLAIRTECH technology, enables an unbeatable combination of physical properties, sealability, and processability. It is a robust and essential building block in the design of your next heavy duty sack application – from pet food and pool salt to insulation, garden soil and much more.


Improving Sustainability in E-commerce Shipping

We all have stories of inefficient or flat-out poor e-commerce shipping practices. Tiny, prepackaged items shipped in a second, huge box filled with void fill. Shipping boxes packed with heavy, fragile, large and small goods alike without sufficient cushioning. Today, more heavy, bulky products such as pet foods and kitty litters are being sold online, with the potential to exacerbate these issues. Tougher primary packaging solves these problems and more by reducing or eliminating the need for secondary shipping packaging. Our resins and film structure designs are ideal for improving abuse resistance in heavy duty sacks and enabling brand owners to meet the requirements like Amazon’s Ships in Own Container (SIOC) and Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP).


High-Performance, All-Recyclable Cube Sack Design

ConservaCube™, a unique trademark-design cube-shaped package that holds up to 55 lb, was once made from a laminate that required a multi-step process at two separate facilities. Now, the film is made in a single co-extruded process containing several high-performance NOVA Chemicals resins. ConservaCube leverages resins in a recyclable film structure with outstanding physical performance and cuts its carbon footprint through smaller production and transportation requirements.

The four-time Flexible Packaging Award winning, multi-layer film features an all-polyethylene recyclable structure that delivers performance properties such as the strength, stiffness, optics and sealability required in today’s heavy duty packaging.

A number of NOVA Chemicals resins were incorporated in the film’s design, including SPsK919, a high-performance polyethylene offering exceptional creep resistance, stiffness-toughness balance and sealability.


Download the product infosheet to learn more about SPsK919 resin’s exceptional creep resistance, stiffnesstoughness balance and sealability.