NOVA Chemicals values the safety and well-being of our communities and the environment. We take care to be a good neighbor in the areas where we live and work by promoting conversation, understanding and involvement. We contribute positively to community development, public policy and reporting.

Community Outreach

We look for and create opportunities for open dialogue with our communities to share information, listen and respond to any concerns. We recognize that sustainable business success requires building strong relationships with all of our stakeholders, especially our communities. That’s why each of our sites has a local Community Advisory Panel that meets regularly throughout the year.

In Western Pennsylvania, support to the Carnegie Science Center helps to ensure the next generation has strong science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills, both to fill workforce needs and to solve the complex problems of our times. Of particular focus is the Carnegie STEM Girls program, which works to improve academic achievement and increase interest and awareness of STEM topics and careers among girls. Photo courtesy of Carnegie Science Center.

When we undertake a sizable facility change or expansion project, we reach out to our communities ahead of time to be sure they are aware of our plans, to incorporate suggestions whenever possible and to proactively address any concerns.

Community Investment

NOVA Chemicals actively invests in the well-being of our communities. Annually, we donate over $2 million to local community organizations. Our corporate donations address identified needs and focus on three core areas: Education and Science, Health and Community Service, and the Arts. The United Way is our primary vehicle for contributing to address community service needs.

As a responsible global citizen, we are committed to investing through engagements with organizations focused on ocean health, while also continuing to make a difference in the quality of life in the communities where we have a presence.

Investing in our communities is more than just monetary. We provide gifts-in-kind to local organizations, such as surplus computers, equipment and furniture. Our leaders and employees also are active in the community as volunteers. NOVA employees typically volunteer over 6,000 hours each year to various community activities such as tree planting, river clean-ups, food drives and educational events.

Economic Impact

Our work at NOVA Chemicals results in plastic products that take care of food, water and other goods vital to life. Beyond the resins we produce, NOVA Chemicals contributes to the economic vitality of our communities by creating jobs, purchasing local goods and services, and paying taxes.

In the past 10 years, we have invested more than $1 billion to retrofit and make capital improvements at our Corunna Site. Investment in our Joffre Site is estimated to exceed $1.2 billion over the next several years. A large amount of these financial investments benefit the local communities through equipment purchase, fabrication and a local construction workforce.

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We all have a responsibility to take care of our land to sustain this valuable resource for the future. Toward that goal, NOVA Chemicals opened a new 89-hectare (220-acre) nature trail for community use near its Joffre Site in Alberta. The Nature Trail boasts four different marked walking trails, scenic viewpoints, benches for resting and picnic areas. The area is home to many native species of wildlife, wildflowers, a wetlands and Jones Creek. A neighboring farmer has a small herd that grazes on the land as well.

The area is open year around to members of the community and school groups. The trail serves as an example of how wildlife habitat, recreation, agriculture and industry can exist harmoniously together.

In 2016, NOVA Chemicals announced a $2 million joint partnership with Red Deer College and the 2019 Canada Winter Games Host Society to support and strengthen the sustainability of the Alberta region. The donation will be divided equally with $1 million supporting the construction of the Gary W. Harris Centre for Health, Wellness & Sport and $1 million as a Pillar Sponsor of the 2019 Canada Games.

The City of Red Deer was awarded the 2019 Canada Games in September 2014. As the largest multi-sport event for youth in Canada, more than 3,600 athletes from across Canada will compete for gold in 19 sports. With a forecasted economic impact of more than $132 million, the event will create lasting positive environmental, social and economic benefits for the region.

NOVA Chemicals donated $2M to Lambton College in 2015 to fund a new Health & Research Centre. The donation is part of the company’s commitment to supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Lambton is a college of applied arts and technology in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, with approximately 3,500 full-time and 6,500 part-time students.

“We are eager to see the benefits that the new Centre will have on the students and in the community,” said Tom Thompson, Regional Manufacturing Director, NOVA Chemicals. “Investing in the communities where we operate is important to us.”

As one of the region’s largest industrial employers, NOVA Chemicals has had a longstanding partnership with the college. Since 2008, the company has supported 224 co-op students from the College and hired 118 graduates. The donation is the single largest educational investment ever made by the company.