Drums and IBCs

Durable, lightweight multi-use storage for chemicals, lubricants, food and more

A plastic drum or intermediate bulk container (IBC) is only as reliable as the consistency of its wall thickness. Thin spots can cause a drum or IBC to fail long before its typical lifespan. That’s why our resins offer consistency in flow rate and density in the blow molding process, resulting in strong, leak-proof storage. 


Tight head pails

Tight head pails

  • 5-15 gallon (20-50L)


  • 15-65 gallon (50-240L)


  • 275-330 gallon (1,040-1,250L)

The North American Market Leader

NOVA Chemicals is the North American leader in drum and IBC resins. Why? The best, most consistent resins in the industry and the best service for our customers. We collaborate with our customers to help them produce lightweight, sustainable drums and IBCs – and maximize productivity without compromising performance.

Our commitment and leadership in the market also extends to industry advocacy. As active members in industry associations such as the Industrial Packaging Alliance of North America (IPANA), we work with our industry colleagues to shape government regulations and advocate for safe storage and transportation.

Our resins are well-suited for tight head pails, drums and IBCs. Our gas phase process offers excellent stability on the production line for large-part blow molding, as well as proven performance in finished products.

  • Exceptional melt strength for consistent wall thickness to enable downgauging and finished part strength.
  • UV protection to resist damage to IBCs and their contents caused by sunlight.
  • Our resins help create drums and IBCs with integrity to reduce product loss and environmental issues. Designed in alignment with transportation safety guidelines, our resin solutions ensure drums and IBCs can be transported without failure and leakage.
  • Our resins have best-in-class whiteness for a clean and bright aesthetic.
  • Tight specifications to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and maximum processing efficiencies.


Naturally Sustainable

Plastic drums and IBCs last long beyond their initial use. These sustainable industrial packages that can be cleaned and re-used up to 30 times when properly emptied and reconditioned. Once the drum’s life is complete, it can be shredded and remanufactured into a new drum or other rigid plastic products to save energy and reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Did you know that recycling just one plastic drum is equivalent to recycling 500 beverage bottles or more than 2,000 plastic grocery bags? With approximately 18 million industrial drums sold annually in the U.S., there are great opportunities for environmental savings.



NOVA Chemicals is the only supplier in North America of polyethylene resins that can be used in industrial shipping containers for storing and transporting high-purity acids/chemicals used in circuits and microchips for phones, cameras and more. The qualification protocol for these resins is extreme – a lengthy process that includes multi-step purity testing throughout the chain and takes upwards of 12-18 months. In the end, our resins are designed to both maintain drum integrity and ensure high chemical purity.