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Small Part Blow Molding

Before being stored away in the consumer’s home, liquid laundry detergent goes on an extensive journey. After manufacture, jugs are stacked in crates, shipped around the country, merchandised on retailer shelves and hauled into a consumer’s car. Every step of the way, the container must stand up to the rigors of storage and transportation, maintaining its shape and containing the liquid within.

Our products for the small part blow molding market have a trusted legacy of performance from molding to the consumer’s home. SCLAIR and NOVAPOL resins are proven performers, known for their consistency. We offer molders a choice of grades, each with their own unique processing characteristics. For end product performance, our resins deliver:

  • Excellent ESCR for the most demanding soap and detergent applications. 
  • Excellent drop impact performance to ensure a bottle maintains its integrity from production to shipment to consumer handling and all the value chain points in between.
  • Strong bottle stiffness for stackability and light-weighting. When bottles and crates are stacked during shipping, our resins ensure the containers can support substantial weight, maintain their shape and arrive at their destination in top condition.

Small part BM applications

  • Liquid Detergent and Soap Bottles
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid Bottles
  • Milk Containers

General Injection Molding

We offer a slate of more than 15 SCLAIR® resins for injection molding applications.  Produced using both our original versatile SCLAIR and proprietary Advanced SCLAIRTECH® technologies, our portfolio of products are tailored to a broad range of injection molding applications. Products have melt indices ranging from 4.9 all the way to 72 for greater flexibility in end-product capabilities, and densities ranging from .924 to .962.

GIM applications

  • Roll-out Carts
  • Pail and Crate
  • Thin-wall
  • Protective Sports Equipment
  • Snow Shovels and Equipment