Delivering innovative, sustainable e-commerce packaging solutions

Delivered meal kits make it fast and easy to prepare a delicious, nutritious meal. But did you know they also help reduce in-home food waste by up to 70 percent? With all those benefits, it’s easy to see why millions of people subscribe.

Advances in kit packaging – such as our groundbreaking all-polyethylene pouch – provide the barrier and protection properties needed for e-commerce channels and the recyclability for a sustainable solution. Less food waste + recyclable packaging = a win/win for the environment.

Meal kits are just one example of how e-commerce is transforming the retail landscape, enabling consumer convenience.


Primary Packaging

  • Caps & Closures
  • Food Packaging
  • Heavy Duty Sacks
  • Household Goods
  • Pouches with Fitment

Shipment Packaging

  • Mailers
  • Shrink
  • Ships in Own Container (SIOC) Packaging

Protective Packaging

  • Air Pillows
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Polyethylene Foam Plank & Sheet
  • Thermal-insulated Liners

Performance and protection for e-commerce packaging

Packaging for e-commerce faces many uncertainties. What type of shipping container will be used? What other items will be placed in the same box as your product? Can your packaging survive 360 degrees of impact? Amid all these unknowns, one thing is certain – your product will be handled upwards of 25 times before it’s delivered compared to three to five times through traditional channels.

We work with our customers to design e-commerce packaging for knowns and unknowns. We have resins and expertise for primary, shipping and protective packaging, creating innovative and sustainable solutions that deliver an exceptional, frustration-free customer experience.

For each e-commerce need, we tap into our wide array of film, foam and closure products and deep market and application knowledge to develop the best-performing packaging solution. We also focus on your operations, delivering on processability and product consistency.


Improving Sustainability in E-commerce Shipping

We all have stories of inefficient or flat-out poor e-commerce shipping practices. Tiny, prepackaged items shipped in a second, huge box filled with void fill. Shipping boxes packed with heavy, fragile, large and small goods alike without sufficient cushioning. Today, more heavy, bulky products such as pet foods and kitty litters are being sold online, with the potential to exacerbate these issues. Tougher primary packaging solves these problems and more by reducing or eliminating the need for secondary shipping packaging. Our resins and film structure designs are ideal for improving abuse resistance in heavy duty sacks and enabling brand owners to meet the requirements like Amazon’s ships in own container (SIOC) and frustration-free packaging (FFP).



Sending liquid products through e-commerce channels requires high confidence that the packaging won’t leak. One faulty seal could potentially impact thousands of other products and cause distribution and fulfillment processes to grind to a halt for cleaning and sanitizing – all of which could result in chargebacks to the product’s manufacturer. Our SCLAIR® 2712CC resinenables an integrated ring pull around the mouth of a package’s closure, eliminating the potential for leakage. Because the ring pull is a functional part of the injection-molding process and not added in a secondary step like sealants and other components, it also reduces packaging production time and costs.