Growth In Ontario

Growing Our Ontario Operations

In collaboration with skilled tradespeople and businesses, NOVA Chemicals is nearing completion on our construction projects in St. Clair Township. With these projects, we are not only expanding our Sarnia-Lambton asset base and improving our competitiveness, but we are also bringing new technology to Ontario, growing manufacturing exports and strengthening the area’s long-term economic viability.

New Polyethylene Facility

A second Advanced SCLAIRTECHTM technology facility (AST2) will be located at the new Rokeby Site, adjacent to our Corunna Site. With a capacity of approximately one billion pounds of polyethylene per year, the facility will allow us to continue to grow our polyethylene business in high performance applications and will provide greater supply reliability for our customers. Construction is substantially complete and start-up is anticipated in the first half of 2023.

Corunna Cracker Expansion (Phase 3)

This project is linked to the new polyethylene facility as it will provide ethylene feedstock. The expansion will increase the existing unit’s current ethylene capacity by more than 50%, up to the rate currently approved by regulators.

Being a good neighbour in our community is an important goal for us at NOVA Chemicals. With construction of our growth projects underway, our desire to achieve this goal is stronger than ever. Our Good Neighbour Program establishes our specific commitments and actions to manage the impact of our construction activities. We and our contractors are all committed to strategies that proactively consider impacts and opportunities for stakeholders and build positive community relations.

We are committed to Responsible Care and sustainability in our daily operations and growth plans. As part of this commitment, community outreach is important to us. We make concerted efforts to understand and respond to questions and concerns, and seek input about our plans and operations through public consultation and communication.

We value your input and suggestions. Please contact us at