Sarnia-Lambton, ON, Canada

General Information

About Us

NOVA Chemicals has three manufacturing facilities and one corporate office in the Sarnia-Lambton region.

The Corunna Site produces 1.8 billion pounds of ethylene and about 700 million pounds of co-products annually. Corunna provides feedstock to our Moore Site and St. Clair River Sites. They convert the ethylene into up to 1.3 billion pounds of polyethylene.


Ethane, a component of natural gas, is the primary feedstock for ethylene production at Corunna Site. Ethane is delivered to site from the Marcellus Shale Basin via the Genesis Pipeline Extension and from the Utica Shale Basin via NOVA Chemical’s own Kimball Pipeline.

End Products

The Corunna Site produces ethylene and co-products including propylene, butadiene and benzene. The Moore Site converts ethylene, supplied by Corunna Site, to manufacture both low-density and high-density polyethylene resins. The St. Clair River Site uses  SCLAIRTECHTM technology to manufacture high-density and linear-low-density polyethylene resin. 

The resin from both Moore and St. Clair River polyethylene sites is transported to end-product manufacturers via rail and truck in the form of small pellets. End products from our polyethylene resin include bags and liners, caps and closures, food packaging and rotomolded goods.

Our Employees

As the largest private employer in the Sarnia-Lambton region, we employ more than 1,000 employees.

Contact Information

NOVA Chemicals
Manufacturing East Corporate Center
P.O. Box 3060
Sarnia, ON N7T 8C1

Phone: 519.862.2911


For all inquiries, please call Security at 519.862.2911 and press “0”.  You will be directed to the appropriate contact.

NOVA Chemicals Pipeline Emergency Lines:

In Canada: 519.862.2002 (Emergency Only)

In the US: 800.278.0584  (Emergency Only)