NOVA Chemicals Commercializes New High-Performance Resin for Heavy Duty Sack Market

Versatile polyethylene resin delivers exceptional balance of properties

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (March 29, 2016) – NOVA Chemicals Corporation (“NOVA Chemicals”) today announced the commercialization of SURPASS® HPs019-F polyethylene resin (“HPs019-F”), a new resin grade designed for the heavy duty sack (“HDS”) market. HPs019-F is a high-performance octene copolymer polyethylene resin featuring a balance of toughness and tear, with exceptional creep resistance properties.

With distinct molecular architecture, HPs019-F delivers a mix of properties previously unavailable in a single polyethylene resin. The resin, which is made with NOVA Chemicals’ proprietary Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ Technology, enables downgauging and delivers improved film quality and versatility compared to traditional HDS mono-layer and coextruded structures. HPs019-F is ideal for a wide range of HDS applications, such as salt and resin bags, animal feed and bulk food packaging, and sealant films for laminate structures.

“HPs019-F enables our heavy duty sack customers to do more with less,” said Mark Kay, performance films group manager, NOVA Chemicals Polyethylene Business. “The resin’s versatility and all-around performance allows extruders to use it in coextrusions for a number of different applications.” The commercialization of HPs019-F is an example NOVA Chemicals’ customer-centric research and development work at the Centre for Applied Research and Centre for Performance Applications in Calgary. For more information, visit NOVA Chemicals on the internet at


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About NOVA Chemicals Polyethylene Business

The NOVA Chemicals polyethylene business enables its customers’ success with a portfolio of more than 125 specialized SURPASS®, SCLAIR® and NOVAPOL® resins. Each new NOVA Chemicals resin is developed to meet customer requirements, from drop-in consistency to step-out performance attributes. Our customer-centric approach is driven by our brand promises of Focused Expertise, Applied Innovation, Proactive Service and Reliable Supply.


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