Injection Molding Unit and State-of-the-Art Lab Now Operational at NOVA Chemicals’ Centre for Performance Applications

Equipment investments and application development work reflect commitment to deliver greater value to customers and the caps and closures market

For immediate release, Wednesday, September 10, 2014, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

As part of the transformation of the Centre for Performance Applications in Calgary, NOVA Chemicals has announced a range of new caps and closures equipment purchases and lab upgrades. These investments enhance the company’s ability to deliver greater value to its customers through collaborative product and applications development work.

A new lab-scale injection molding unit is now fully commissioned and in operation. The company’s Sumitomo injection molding machine and custom-built Z Moulds carbonated soft drink cap mold offer the capability to manufacture commercial-grade closures. Caps made on the new molder are tested in NOVA Chemicals’ newly renovated onsite lab, using a suite of industry-leading “in-use performance” equipment. This is a critical advantage that allows NOVA Chemicals and its customers to evaluate polyethylene closure performance under real-world conditions.

“These investments help us improve polyethylene closure performance, develop new resins, and facilitate the conversion to one-piece polyethylene closures” said Alan Schrob, caps and closures market manager, Polyethylene Business. “Broadly speaking, they are a key component of our strategy to deliver more value to our customers and the caps and closures market overall.”

The caps and closures investments add to NOVA Chemicals’ polyethylene capabilities which include a wide range of R&D equipment and facility assets, world-class manufacturing, and dedicated teams of market-specific experts. Combined, these enable the company and its customers to bring better-designed, better-performing products to market more quickly. NOVA Chemicals will be highlighting the caps and closures investments during the Plastics Caps & Closures conference September 10 – 12, Rosemont, Ill. To learn more, visit


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The NOVA Chemicals polyethylene business enables its customers’ success with a portfolio of more than 125 specialized SURPASS®, SCLAIR®, and NOVAPOL® resins. Each new NOVA Chemicals resin is developed to meet customer requirements, from drop-in consistency to step-out performance attributes. Our customer-centric approach is driven by our brand promises of Focused Expertise, Applied Innovation, Proactive Service, and Reliable Supply.


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NOVA Chemicals’ new Sumitomo injection molding machine is now fully commissioned and in operation.
Caps made on the new molder are tested in NOVA Chemicals’ newly renovated onsite lab, using a suite of industry leading “in-use performance” equipment.

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