Community Outreach Program

Starting in the late 1970’s, when we first located here in Central Alberta, Joffre Site leadership recognized the importance of building sound community relationships based on trust, mutual respect and mutual benefits. Today, we continue to build on this solid framework:

  • working to be a socially responsible neighbour
  • contribute to the qualify of life in our communities operate within the ethical framework and
    principles of Responsible Care
  • sustain our competitive advantage

Communication and open dialogue with our stakeholders is a priority. We use a number of different methods to share information, collect input, hear/respond to concerns.

Sharing Information

Our quarterly SiteLine Community Newsletter focuses on Joffre Site, petrochemical industry and Responsible Care topics of interest to our Central Alberta communities. If we are changing our landscape, implementing improvements or working with charitable organizations to improve the quality of life in our communities you can read about it in SiteLine. 

To provide community members with real-time information on site activities that could be noticeable off the site, we have a Joffre Site Operations Information Line (J-SOIL)

J-SOIL provides information on planned activities such as facility shut down flaring or steam venting, or unplanned process upsets. Just call 403.314.2882 and you will hear a voice-mail message with current information. 

The information line complements, but doesn’t replace, our Automated Community Notification System. This system can quickly contact all residents within five kilometers of the site if an incident resulting from our operations has the potential to affect them or that they may be concerned about.

Talking With You

A community representative group, Joffre Community Advisory Panel (JCAP), meets with us quarterly to provide an external perspective, identify areas of potential concern and help communicate with the broader community. JCAP addresses a wide range of topics including, operational activities / challenges, growth projects, environmental performance, community concerns, safety, emergency preparedness, contributions and outreach activities.

We host several community events throughout the year (open houses in the Spring and Fall, and an emergency preparedness community awareness BBQ in August). These events provide an opportunity for stakeholders to learn more about our state of emergency preparedness, and ask questions and dialogue with us about other areas that may be of interest. 

Responding To Concerns or Requests for Information

If we haven’t met expectations around managing impacts, or neighbours have an immediate concern we have a responsive Complaint/Request for Information Process that is activated by calling our 24-hour emergency number at 403.314.8767. 

For more information on our community outreach activities or methods of communicating, please call 403.314.8619 or write to