Sarnia-Lambton Plant Facilities​

Corunna, our largest site, is capable of producing in excess of 3 billion pounds of petrochemicals annually. Originally devoted entirely to processing crude-oil-based feedstock, the facility now processes up to 100% natural gas liquid (NGL) feedstock.

NGLs are delivered to the site by pipeline and railcar for processing. Co-products are derived during petrochemical production at the site.

The resin from both Moore and St. Clair River polyethylene sites is transported to end-product manufacturers via rail and truck in the form of small pellets. End-products produced from our polyethylene resin include grocery bags, film wrap, household bottles and foam for packaging. 


Corunna Site - Corunna, Ontario
The Corunna site produces ethylene and co-products including propylene, butadiene and benzene.
Moore Site - Mooretown, Ontario
The Moore site converts ethylene, supplied by Corunna, to manufacture both low-density and high-density polyethylene resins.
St. Clair River Site - Corunna, Ontario
The St. Clair River polyethylene facility uses SCLAIRTECH technology to manufacture high-density and linear-low-density polyethylene resin.