St. Clair River Site
Corunna, Ontario, Canada

St. Clair River Site  
NOVA Chemicals' St. Clair River site is located in Corunna, Ontario and is situated about 180 miles (288 kilometers) west of Toronto. The facility has the capacity to produce 395 million pounds (180 kilotonnes) of polyethylene per year.
SCLAIRTECH™ technology is the primary processing technology used for manufacturing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) at the St. Clair site. This technology has the flexibility to make a broad range of products, from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) through to high density polyethylene (HDPE). The site also features a pilot plant, built in 1995, to support and further develop Advanced SCLAIRTECH technology. The pilot plant is capable of testing new catalysts and new polyethylene products in preparation for commercial scale-up. The majority of site production currently is HDPE. The site has been operating since 1959 and was purchased by NOVA Chemicals in late 1993.


Liquid ethylene feedstock is transported to the site via pipeline from the Corunna site and is used in the production of approximately 40 different grades of polyethylene resins, which are sold to our customers in pellet form. In support of the industry consolidation element from our 5-point business strategy, in 2004 we permanently shut down one of St. Clair River Site's two production lines. The "A-line" as it was known, was NOVA Chemicals' oldest and highest-cost production lines. The closure removed 275 million pounds of capacity from the market and reduced costs by more than U.S. $5 million per year. The plant now supports a single polymer synthesis line. Annual production capacity at St. Clair is 395 million pounds (180 kilotonnes) of polyethylene.

End Products

HDPE end-use applications are found in a variety of products that people rely on everyday. A few common HDPE applications include margarine tubs, pool covers, barrels and drums, caps and closures, household bottles and pipes.

Approximately 128 full-time employees work at the St. Clair River site. The facility is ISO 9001 registered.


SAI Global ANAB Accredited
ISO 9001 Certified ISO 9001


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