Product Safety

As part of our Responsible Care® program commitment, NOVA Chemicals conducts systematic evaluations of our products to assure that they deliver their intended benefits while protecting public health and the environment. “Managing Products Through Their Lifecycles” summarizes our process for prioritizing, characterizing and managing risk for the products we make. The following documents are intended to help facilitate knowledge of our products and relevant hazard and risk information.

Our Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) provide basic information about our products, including the hazard properties, how to use our products safely, and what to do in an emergency. In compliance with global hazard communication requirements we provide SDS for products in all jurisdictions where we manufacture and sell the products.

Our Product Backgrounders provide basic information on our products: what they are, where they are made, how they are used and the main characteristics for safety, health and the environmental effects.

Our Risk Profiles are short summaries of our products, intended to summarize risk (hazard and exposure) information about our products. 

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