Economic Benefits

Community Economic Benefits

As a good neighbor, we want to enhance the mutual benefits of our facilities. The Joffre Site is a significant contributor to Central Alberta’s strong economy. 

We provide permanent highly-skilled positions for more than 700 direct employees, who are supported by 300 to 400 contractors. Our employees live and participate in many of the surrounding communities. 

Joffre Site annual local spending:

  • $84 million in salaries
  • $75 million on goods and services
  • $11 million in municipal taxes

Adding Value to Alberta’s Economy

Central Alberta’s petrochemical industry (including NOVA Chemicals, INEOS Oligomers, ME Global, Dow Chemical Canada) provides important diversification to the Province’s economy, adding value to Alberta’s natural gas and ethane resource – in Alberta.

Locally, the petrochemical industry employs more than 1,600 people directly. According to Statistics Canada, each job in the industry creates an additional 2.5 jobs within the local economy. Together, the total number of jobs supported by this sector is more than 5,000. 

Facts about the chemical industry and its allies:

  • The chemical industry produces essential materials to supply our most important industries, including the pharmaceutical, health, pulp and paper, mining and transportation industries.
  • It is a technology-driven industry employing thousands of highly skilled knowledge workers, with expertise in chemistry, engineering and computer science.
  • It is actively engaged in the research and development of new ideas and new products.
  • Among manufacturing industries, the chemical industry is a leader in environmental sustainability, and Canada is a leader internationally.

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