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NOVA Chemicals established NOVA Circular Solutions as a new line of business focused on
lower-emission, recycled solutions that will help to reshape plastics for a better, more
sustainable world. The business has invested in its first mechanical recycling facility to increase
the supply of high-quality, recycled polyethylene resins.  NOVA Circular Solutions is
collaborating with Novolex, a leading developer of packaging products with over 15 years
of experience in operating plastic film recycling facilities, to operate the facility. 

NOVA Circular Solutions and Novolex will work together to leverage each company’s strengths
and move as efficiently as possible to have the new recycling facility operational by early
2025.  The facility is expected to create approximately 125 full-time jobs beginning in the second
half of 2024.

Interested in applying for a job? More information will be available soon.

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Post-consumer plastic film from recycling bins, store drop off locations and back-of-store
collections will be cleaned, chopped, remelted and formed into small plastic pellets that will be
used to make new products such as packaging for food and drink, e-commerce, heavy-duty
sacks, shrink wrap and other applications. 

Once fully operational by 2026, the NOVA Chemicals’ Circular Solutions facility will produce
more than 100 M lbs. of SYNDIGO™ recycled polyethylene (rPE).

Learn more about SYNDIGO rPE.

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4747 Western Avenue
Connersville, IN 47331