NOVAPOL® TRx0338-U and NOVAPOL TRx0535-U Resins

New Products Accelerate Production, Lower Costs and Increase Production Flexibility for Rotomolders

Reduce cycle time by up to 30% and expand your processing window by 15% or more over traditional hexene PE with the new TRx0338-U and TRx0535-U. Learn more from our press release.

Shorter cycle time allows for lower oven temperatures and permits rotomolders to run different part sizes and thicknesses in a single cycle. Ultra-versatile performance can also enable resin consolidation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lot-to-lot consistency enables reproducible, high-quality products
  • Outstanding environmental stress crack resistance
  • Warpage resistance means less scrap
  • Excellent processability
  • Excellent low-temperature impact properties
  • Industry leading natural color yields aesthetically pleasing unpigmented parts
Fish Box
NOVAPOL TRx0338-U is a 0.938 density, 3-melt hexene, ideal for small tanks, IBCs, laundry carts, kayaks, waste containers and other material handling containers.
Playground Set
NOVAPOL TRx0535-U is a 0.935 density, 5-melt hexene, ideal for toys, RV components, Stand-up paddleboard (and kayaks) and custom parts.