SURPASS® HPs267-AB Resin

New moisture barrier resin technology offers previously unachievable polyethylene performance

SURPASS HPs267-AB resin sets the new standard in moisture-barrier performance. With improved barrier performance over our best-in-class HPs167-AB, the new HPs267-AB enables longer shelf life by protecting moisture sensitive layers and products in food packaging.

HPs267 helps advance the circular economy by enabling replacement of metallized or PET-laminate non-recyclable films with recyclable, PE-based designs. Packaging engineers also have more flexibility to design a wide range of barrier films without sacrificing moisture barrier performance, toughness or processability.

Designed for blown films, HPs267 is ideal for a wide variety of food packaging applications including meat, cheese, cereals and crackers, baking staples, high fat content foods, pet food and more.

NOVA Chemicals’ Barrier Products Portfolio

GradeApplicationKey FeaturesMVTR
Melt index
(g/10 min)
SURPASS HPs167-ABBlown film• Consistent barrier performance across a broad range of processing conditions0.07300.9671.2
SURPASS HPs267-ABBlown film• Improved extrusion processability
• Enables greater freedom in structure design
• Ultra-low water vapor transmission rate
SURPASS HPs667-ABCast film• Excellent moisture barrier
• Superior stiffness
SCLAIR® 19CBlown film• Good barrier properties
• High stiffness

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