NOVA Chemicals launches BONFIRE Film Development Platform version 4.0

New features enhance tool’s predictive capabilities for film designers, manufacturers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Oct. 16, 2019) – NOVA Chemicals Corporation (NOVA Chemicals), a leading supplier of polyethylene, has launched version 4.0 of the BONFIRE® Film Development Platform. This latest generation adds three new modules to the BONFIRE platform, a powerful tool that enables film designers to “virtually” build complex multilayer film structures, then predicts their performance properties. The platform allows film producers and converters to narrow their options when developing new structures and applications before they are manufactured, reducing the number of physical trials and interruptions to commercial production required.

Three powerful new modules have been added to the BONFIRE platform in this updated version. The first is a rheology module which help users understand how resins in a prototype film structure will flow in a multilayer film die under specific conditions. Viscosity, shear stress and stress ratio predictions help identify the best materials for specific layers.

The second is a blends calculator that predicts the properties of an individual film layer composed of multiple materials including resins and additives. Outputs, including composite density, melt index, cost, total additive levels and several other physical properties, allow the user to gauge the impact that additives may have on the blend.

BONFIRE Academy, the third new module, is an interactive library of educational materials that enables users to learn more about the range of materials, processes and testing protocols involved in the formulation of complex multilayer film structures.

“Film producers and converters are being asked to create high-performance films that are recyclable, reduce plastic consumption or include more layers to achieve specific requirements,” said Dan Ward, technical service specialist, NOVA Chemicals. “The BONFIRE platform is a proprietary suite of tools, unmatched by competitors, that enables users to design, model and evaluate the potential performance of film structures before investing in physical trials.”

Joining the rheology module, blends calculator and BONFIRE Academy in BONFIRE 4.0 is a more attractive and more intuitive user interface that walks users through the process of building a complex multilayer film structure. The resin comparison guide has also been expanded, allowing users to compare two resins across more than 40 performance properties from a database containing more than 120 different resins.

Other tools in the BONFIRE platform include:

• Permeability, which predicts oxygen and moisture barrier performance based on the effects of relative humidity;

• Profitability, which estimates achievable profit for a modelled film based on component and manufacturing costs and selling price;

• Heat transfer, which helps users learn how heating and cooling times can affect sealing and other converting processes; and

• Blown film process calculator, which calculates and compares different film processing parameters

NOVA Chemicals’ customers and other authorized users can access the BONFIRE platform at no charge. Promising candidate film structures modelled in the BONFIRE platform can also be tested at NOVA Chemicals’ Centre for Performance Applications in Calgary before running more extensive trials on a converter’s own equipment.

For more information, or to test or register for use of the BONFIRE Film Development Platform, visit or visit NOVA Chemicals at K-Fair in Hall 6, Stand A43.

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