NOVA Chemicals expands portfolio of resins for barrier film applications

Pittsburgh, PA November 22, 2010 – NOVA Chemicals has introduced an ultra-high-barrier high-density polyethylene resin that enables design of better performing, cost-effective, sustainable packaging solutions for barrier packaging applications.

Designed for cast film and extrusion coating, SURPASS® EX-HPs667-AB resin offers unmatched performance in barrier and stiffness. The new barrier resin delivers up to 50 percent moisture barrier improvement over conventional technology, along with the ability to provide solution redesign and improved sustainability for barrier packaging solutions in markets such as snacks, beverages, dairy, pet foods and lawn & garden applications.

“This new developmental high-density, ultra-high-barrier resin offers packaging designers a new innovative solution to enhance barrier,” stated Andy Summerscales, NOVA Chemicals Marketing Manager Performance Film Resins. “Customers can co-extrude the product and reduce the film gauge to meet their customers’ performance and sustainability objectives, or they can co-extrude or blend the product to enable lamination consolidation and performance enhancement,” Summerscales added.  

SURPASS EX-HPs667-AB resin provides customers who have cast film and extrusion coating processes with the ability to explore new packaging ideas and concepts. It allows extrusion laminators and coaters to custom-tailor solutions in-house to meet customer needs in a wide range of packaging formats, such as stand-up pouches, lidstocks, release liners, and multilayer foil laminations – with the possibility of lamination step elimination for 3-ply applications. 

NOVA Chemicals portfolio of resins for ultra-high-barrier film applications also includes HPs167-AB resin for blown film extrusion. SURPASS EX-HPs667-AB resin is perfect for a multi-layer extrusion laminated packaging applications where moisture-barrier performance and/or stiffness are important.  Samples are available.  Learn more at


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