NOVA Chemicals and Pregis Collaborate to Deliver Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions with SYNDIGO™ Recycled Polyethylene

Calgary, AB (April 25, 2023) – NOVA Chemicals Corporation (“NOVA Chemicals”), a global leader in the production of polyethylene resins, and Pregis, a leading manufacturer of flexible and protective packaging, are collaborating to deliver high performing sustainable packaging solutions for food applications that are used in stand-up pouches (SUPs), fitmented pouches, and lay-flat bags. Pregis will showcase the SUPs co-developed with NOVA Chemicals at the upcoming Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) event in Austin, TX from April 24-27.

“As part of our commitment to circularity, we’re proud to bring our first mechanically recycled food-contact grade to market,” said Alan Schrob, Director of Mechanical Recycling, at NOVA Chemicals. “We have a long history as a supplier to Pregis and believe that this collaboration will deliver new solutions that support the growing brand owner demand for high quality, food-safe recycled content.” 

The resin to be used in this collaboration is NOVA Chemicals’ recycled polyethylene, SYNDIGO™ rPE-0860-FC resin. It leverages state-of-the-art production technology and is a low-carbon solution allowing for superior performance ideally suited for food packaging applications. Excellent printability and clarity are achieved in the final product because of the outstanding aesthetic features. 

Through its efforts in lightweighting and advanced film technologies, Pregis has been a key driver in leading the circular economy for plastics. The company focuses on sustainable innovation and has made significant investments in custom equipment, technical resources, and processes. These investments further enhance its capabilities to provide circular flexible packaging for the market.  

NOVA Chemicals is focused on applying its food safety and regulatory knowledge to recycled polyethylene. This results in an approach that goes beyond the FDA-LNO (letter of non-objection) and demonstrates NOVA Chemicals’ capabilities. Working together, the companies have co-developed high-performing product packaging that explores optimal recycled content incorporation.  

Pregis sees immense promise in the partnership with NOVA Chemicals. “We are excited to work with NOVA Chemicals to develop flexible food packaging solutions that deliver on sustainability without compromising performance,” said Jonathan Quinn, Director of Market Development and Sustainability at Pregis. “The NOVA Chemicals name is synonymous with quality and safety. This food contact rPE grade is evidence of their thorough approach to both safety and quality. Because of the partnership with NOVA our customers and supply chain partners can have total trust and confidence that we are incorporating the highest quality and safest rPE in the North American market.” 

NOVA Chemicals and Pregis are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of customers while reducing their environmental footprint. By collaborating on the development of food-safe circular packaging, brand owners and retailers now have access to options that allow their products and packaging to directly contribute to a circular economy for plastics. 

For more information on NOVA Chemicals’ sustainable solutions, visit the SYNDIGO™ recycled polyethylene page


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NOVA Chemicals is guided by a singular purpose to shape a world where the plastic products vital to our health and happiness are better tomorrow than they are today. We have a bold ambition to create a plastics circular economy and work collaboratively toward a low carbon, zero plastic waste future. NOVA Chemicals’ portfolio of virgin and recycled resins, along with best-in-class technical expertise, is what sets us apart; our customers use our products to create easy-to-recycle and recycled content films, packaging, and products. Our employees work to ensure health, safety, security, and environmental stewardship through our commitment to Sustainability and Responsible Care®.

NOVA Chemicals, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has 2,400 employees worldwide and is wholly owned by Mubadala Investment Company of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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Pregis LLC is a customer-driven solutions provider of innovative flexible packaging, protective packaging materials, equipment systems and surface protection. As a material neutral company, Pregis works with its customers to find the right solution to solve their business challenges. Pregis is dedicated to minimizing impact on the environment by developing products which protect against damage, are designed for circularity, and preserve natural resources. The company serves a wide variety of consumer and industrial market segments including food, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical devices, agricultural, e-commerce, retail, automotive, transportation, furniture, electronics, building, construction, and military/aerospace. Learn more at the company’s website

Pregis Pouch Made Using NOVA Chemicals rPE
Pregis Pouch Made Using NOVA Chemicals rPE

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