The space-saving properties of ARCEL® resin deliver significant environmental benefits throughout the entire supply chain.

ARCEL advanced foam resin can help you achieve your sustainability goals by:

Reducing Packaging Size

ARCEL resin can significantly reduce packaging size by as much as 40%, which leads to additional source reduction.

Reducing Weight

When using ARCEL resin as an automotive component or in a consumer product, many of our customers have been able to reduce the weight of their product without compromising performance. Whether through lighter vehicles on the road or by reducing the weight of shin guards for soccer players, ARCEL resin is a lightweight foam that offers optimum performance.

Reducing Fuel and Energy Consumption

Because of its reduced package size and weight, ARCEL resin immediately increases the capacity of every container, truckload and pallet. This results in fewer trucks on the road and reduced fuel emissions.

Due to the high fuel consumption rates for air freight, these benefits are magnified for products that are shipped by air.


For more information regarding EPS sustainability, please visit our industry partners.