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EPS Product Chart

ARCEL Case Studies / Marketing Materials

Industry Focus: Flat-Panel TelevisionsEnglish
TYCO Safety Products – Protective Packaging SolutionEnglish
Franklin Associates, Ltd. – Sustainability: Life Cycle Inventory SummaryEnglish
The sustainable benefits of specifying ARCEL advanced foam resin for your products.English
Hewlett-Packard – Cube OptimizationEnglish
Customer FocusEnglish
ARCEL Resin Design Study – Packaging Solution for CabinetsEnglish

ARCEL Tooling and Part Design Guides

ARCEL LD Tooling and Molded Part Design GuideEnglish
ARCEL 730 Tooling and Part Design GuideEnglish

ARCEL Processing Guides

Expansion and Molding GuideEnglish

ARCEL Resin Foam Properties

ARCEL Resin Product GradesEnglish
Stress-Strain CurvesEnglish
Strength PropertiesEnglish
Thermal Resistance and ConductivityEnglish
ARCEL LD/ULV Creep Properties: Density vs. Compressive Creep – 1 and 2 psiEnglish
ARCEL LD/ULV Creep Properties: Time vs. Compressive Creep – 1 and 2 psiEnglish
Compressive Strength, Tensile and Tear PropertiesEnglish
Fabricated Abrasion ResistanceEnglish
Horizontal Burn TestEnglish
ARCEL 730/730LV Creep PropertiesEnglish

ARCEL Material Property Comparison Charts

vs EPE (Compressive Strength, Tensile, Tear)English
vs EPP (Compressive Creep)English
vs EPP (Compressive Strength, Tensile, Tear)English
vs EPS (Tear, Puncture, Flexibility)English
vs EPS (R Value)English
vs EPP and EPE (Abrasion)English

ARCEL Compatibility with EPS

Compatibility SummaryEnglish
ARCEL resin in EPSEnglish

ARCEL Regrind Information

ARCEL resin regrind in EPSEnglish
ARCEL resin Regrind in ARCEL resinEnglish

ARCEL 730 & ARCEL 730LV Cushion Curves

ARCEL Resin 1.2English
ARCEL Resin 1.3English
ARCEL Resin 1.5English
ARCEL Resin 1.6English
ARCEL Resin 1.8English
ARCEL Resin 2.2English
ARCEL Resin 3.0English

ARCEL Cushion Comparison Charts

vs EPP 1English
vs EPPEnglish