Block and Shape

Regular EPS

Regular grade EPS is designed for use in shape-molding for cushion packaging, produce and fish boxes, coolers and general applications not requiring flame retardants. It is typically fast-cycling for economic processing and quick production rates, with excellent fusion, part strength and appearance. NOVA Chemicals produces a broad range of regular grades in three bead sizes (A, B, and C) and with various levels of blowing agent (pentane) to meet a variety of density and processing requirements. Specific grades are certified with respect to food contact and the Restrictions of Hazardous Substances directive.

Modified EPS

Modified EPS contains specially-formulated flame retardant additives designed to limit flammability versus general-purpose regular EPS. These products are also offered in A, B and C sizes, with a variety of blowing agent levels, and are capable of reaching a broad range of densities with excellent physical properties. These products are designed and tested to meet the requirements of many applications in appliances, geofoam, and building and construction, including building panels, insulating concrete forms, and roofing assemblies.

When installed properly, EPS foam is resistant to rot and degradation, and provides a lightweight and high cost-efficiency thermal insulation. It can be laminated strongly to a variety of materials, and is dimensionally stable across a wide range of conditions. Unlike some polymeric foam insulation materials which slowly lose foaming agent over time, EPS has a very stable thermal resistance (R value).​

Product Chart