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NOVA Expert Speeches & Panels:

Location: Sustainability Spark Stage: South Hall – S38171

Dan Ward

Technical Service & Application Development

Redesigning Flexible Packaging for Sustainability

Monday | May 6, 2024 | 12-12:30pm

Anna Rajkovic

Market & Innovation Manager, Mechanical Recycling

Mechanical Recycling and Food Contact Compliance – Navigating the Path to FDA LNO and Beyond

Tuesday | May 7, 2024 | 12-12:30pm
Thursday | May 9, 2024 | 12-12:30pm

Brant Wunderlich

Market Manager

The Consumer’s Voice in Sustainable Packaging Innovation

Wednesday | May 8, 2024 | 12-12:30pm


The new SURPASS® HPx267-AB HDPE resin offers the highest barrier performance of any PE grade on the market. It offers consistent moisture-barrier performance across a broad range of processing conditions with a high flex crack resistance and sufficient stiffness and heat resistance to run on traditional packaging equipment.

For food applications that traditionally included non-recyclable metallized or PET layers, HPx267-AB enables an all-PE laminate structure that can replace mixed material triplex laminates. 

With the new AST2 facility in Sarnia, NOVA Chemicals is growing its thin-wall injection molding (TWIM) product portfolio and re-introducing SURPASS IFs730 and IFs932 high melt index injection molding grades.

They are designed to meet the demands of the fast-paced injection molding process and provide versatility on different production and conversion lines. The high melt index resins offer processing advantages including:

  • Enhanced shear thinning for processability 
  • Fast cycle times 
  • Anti-warpage properties 
  • Broad food contact and end-use compliance 
  • At-line Testing to produce consistent, defect-free PE 

They are suitable for demanding food packaging applications such as frozen foods as well as non-food packaging lids, containers, and specialized parts.

ASTUTE plastomers are high-performance, all-PE sealant resins that form an important building block of mono-material, recyclable packaging. Produced with NOVA Chemicals’ Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ technology, they provide opportunities for lightweighting and downgauging with a broad sealing window that enables processability on high-speed packaging lines. ASTUTE resins are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including sharp food products, fresh produce, e-commerce mailers, and heavy duty sacks. 

Click here to learn more about ASTUTE plastomer resins.

NOVA Chemicals’ High Density Machine Direction Orientation (MDO-HDPE) resins provide excellent heat resistance and stiffness and may be used in fully recyclable, all PE-laminates as an alternative to BOPP and BOPET based multi-material laminates. NOVA also offers MDO-LLDPE resins which deliver films with superior toughness and puncture resistance, offering opportunities for downgauging, and fit into monomaterial structures for fully recyclable packaging.  

NOVA Chemicals has developed the first high density polyethylene (BOPE-HD) resin designed for commercial tenter frame lines. BOPE-HD films offer a recyclable alternative to mixed material laminates and metallized structures by enabling an all-PE print web which can be laminated to a sealant film. With enhanced stiffness and heat resistance, they are ideal for baked goods, meat and cheese, frozen foods, e-commerce, heavy duty sacks, and other demanding applications.

Click here to learn more about BOPE-HD films.

NOVAPOL resins deliver consistency and versatility across a wide range of densities and processes. From toys to storage tanks, NOVAPOL resins enable enhanced productivity with reliable results. They offer an excellent balance of mechanical properties, ultra-low contamination, long-term stability, melt strength, printability, optics, and reduced film thickness.

SCLAIR resins are ideal for a wide variety of applications including food packaging, caps and closures, injection and compression molding, sealant and lamination films, and more. The well-proven, trusted SCLAIR solution-phase polymerization process produces versatile resins in multiple densities. SCLAIR products offer broad molecular weight, excellent environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), and consistent, familiar processing characteristics.

NOVA Chemicals’ SURPASS resins utilize Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ technology to deliver a unique combination of properties not found in traditional PE resins. SURPASS octene resins can offer better processability, enable substantial lightweighting, or provide ultra-high barrier protection, strength, toughness, or impact resistance. They enable recyclable all-PE packaging designs by replacing mixed material, non-recyclable films.

Circular Solutions

SYNDIGO recycled polyethylene (rPE) contributes to the circular economy by increasing sustainable plastic usage. SYNDIGO resins are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PE films and HDPE milk jugs. With versatile design flexibility, rPE resins help converters and brand owners reach their recycled content and decarbonization goals. Multiple grades are available for food and non-food contact applications including flexible packaging, blow-molded bottles, e-commerce, and more.

Click here to learn more about SYNDIGO recycled polyethylene.

NOVA Chemicals’ Circular Solutions business has invested in its first mechanical recycling facility to produce SYNDIGO™ recycled polyethylene (rPE). Located in Connersville, Ind., the facility will recycle post-consumer PE films collected from retail, distribution centers and consumer drop-off locations. Novolex®, a leading developer of packaging products with experience operating plastic film recycling facilities, will run the Connersville facility. The first line will be operational in 2025 and will ramp up production to deliver over 100 million pounds of rPE to the market by 2026. 

Click here to learn more about NOVA’s first mechanical recycling facility.

Exclusive Customer Tools


The BONFIRE® film modeling platform is NOVA Chemicals’ proprietary suite of online tools that enables customers to design and predict the properties of complex multilayer films. The platform helps bring film products to market faster by reducing the number of physical trials needed during the design phase. Using the multilayer property predictor, customers can find the resins and structures that meet their requirements and compare predicted properties of similar films with different resins, blends, or layer ratios. BONFIRE also helps customers reach their sustainability goals by supporting downgauging and the incorporation of rPE to ensure their packages are designed for recyclability.

PE Resource Library

The NOVA Chemicals Resource Library features market info sheets, white papers, case studies, and tech bulletins that provide detailed information about resin types and their applications. Market info sheets are available for flexible and rigid markets and cover topics such as recyclable barrier films, using PCR in flexible packaging, and caps and closures. Other materials include research and case studies related to consumer research, sustainability practices, and packaging innovation.


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