Expandable Styrenics

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EPS and DYLITE Resins

NOVA Chemicals currently produces EPS at two locations: the Beaver Valley Plant Site (Monaca, PA) and the Painesville Site (Painesville, OH). The Beaver Valley Site produces EPS and DYLITE specialty grades using a 2-step process. This technology allows us to focus bead size and pentane level more accurately for the application. The Painesville Site uses a 1-step technology that offers both outstanding regular grades and modified grades with the finest cut board surface in the EPS industry.

NOVA Chemicals currently produces ARCEL® Resins at two locations: the Beaver Valley Plant Site (Monaca, PA) and outside of Shanghai, China.

DYLITE and EPS Manufacturing

NOVA Chemicals, Inc. – Beaver Valley Manufacturing Site
400 Frankfort Road
Monaca, PA 15061

NOVA Chemicals, Inc.- Painesville Manufacturing Site
786 Hardy Rd.
Painesville, OH 44077

North America EPS Sales

NOVA Chemicals, Inc.
400 Frankfort Road
Monaca, PA 15061

EPS Product Inquiries
Phone: 877.877.0062

John Feraco – Director, Expandable Styrenics
Phone: 724.770.2395

Robert Stoffa – EPS Sales Leader
Phone: 724.770.5602

Shawn Jarvie – EPS Account Manager and Technical Service
Phone: 724.770.5636

Rick Burns – EPS Senior Account Manager
Phone: 978.534.4750

North America ARCEL® Resin Sales

NOVA Chemicals, Inc.
400 Frankfort Road
Monaca, PA 15061

ARCEL® Resin Product Inquiries
Phone: 877.877.0062

Steve Abeyta – ARCEL Global Sales Leader
Phone: 720.903.0968

Bob Doak – ARCEL Account Manager
Phone: 412.807.0975

Darren Post – ARCEL Account Manager
Phone: 412.292.9664

Don Harris – ARCEL Technical Service
Phone: 724.841.2339

Latin America Sales

Bryan Kemp – Customer Account Specialist
Phone: 724.770.5670
Fax: 724.770.6767

Ismael Ramirez – Commercial Support Specialist
Phone: 724.770.2315

Greater China ARCEL® Resin Sales

NOVA Chemicals (International) S.A.
288 West Nan Jing Road, Suite 1901
Chong Hing Finance Center
Shanghai, China 200003
Tel: +86 2133663418

Ivan Hu – Country Manager – Greater China
Mobile: +32 86138018806392

Asia and Pacific Rim ARCEL® Resin Sales

NOVA Chemicals (International) S.A.
Level 42, Six Battery Road
Singapore 049909

Carol Lee – Business Development Manager
Phone: +65 62248807

European ARCEL® Resin Sales

Libero Piscitelli
ARCEL Business Development Europe
Phone: +39 3318133830

An Van Gucht – Product Manager
Moerenstraat 85a
B-2370 Arendonk
Phone: +32 497442729

Technical Center

NOVA Chemicals Performance Styrenics Innovation Centre
400 Frankfort Road
Monaca, PA 15061

Lee Ladely – Expandable Styrenics R&D
Phone: 724.770.5502

Blain Hileman – ARCEL® Resins R&D
Telephone: 724.770.6721