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Cushion Curves

The strength and flexibility of ARCEL® resin creates a resilient foam material that can be molded into numerous complex and intricate forms. Its lightweight construction is resistant to puncture, flaking, tearing and breaking. In addition, packaging molded with ARCEL resin provides superb cushioning and easy handling, while its lightweight properties help lower freight and other packaging costs.

Our technical team, including scientists and packaging engineers, has developed cushion curves for our various product grades. These cushion curves demonstrate the exceptional multiple drop performance of ARCEL resins compared to other foam packaging materials such as EPS, EPP and EPE. The intimate blend of polyethylene and polystyrene in this foam interpolymer provides the best of both polymers with its exceptional toughness, flexibility and durability in a lightweight foam material. These characteristics lead to reduced damage rates in multi-drop applications as well as improved abrasion characteristics compared to EPS. These cushion curves are downloadable for your design teams to reference.

The cushion calculator eliminates the need to manually extrapolate data to find minimum cushion thickness and bearing area. Based on the published cushion curves, our cushion calculator can be used to simplify your protective packaging design process by providing optimal bearing area at any cushion thickness for drop heights between 6 inches and 60 inches.

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ARCEL Resin 730 & Cushion Curves

Cushion Comparison Charts