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NOVA Chemicals is committed to the recycling of EPS products. Over the past two years, we have partnered with the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) and Appliance Warehouse to collect and recycle polystyrene packaging material in the Pittsburgh area. In addition, polystyrene materials collected at all 2014 PRC hard-to-recycle events can be made into new products such as decorative moldings, picture frames and clothes hangers.

Recycle Bin

Recycling EPS and ARCEL

EPS and ARCEL resin are recyclable in locations where appropriate facilities exist for processing these in the polystyrene recycle stream. Significant recycling information is available at:

EPS Recycling Bins

We recently unveiled an innovative self-serve bin specifically for the collection of polystyrene packaging foam material. The Bins are located at four locations in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, including our Beaver Valley and Painesville sites, making it convenient for employees and community members to drop-off clean polystyrene packaging foam year-round. NOVA Chemicals encourages employees and community members to use these bins to collect polystyrene packaging material with recycle code #6 from work and home for recycling.