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Protective Packaging


EPS is a material of choice for package designers of traditional white goods and electronics. Traditional packaging applications include protective packaging such as edge protectors for refrigerators, TV's and electronics and thermal protective packaging for transporting fragile or perishable items such as grapes, fish and wine.

Protective Packaging

The pharmaceutical industry also relies on EPS packaging for shipping medications that require temperature control. This application is part of a ‘cold-chain’, in which it is critical to stay within certain temperature ranges. Protective Packaging EPS offers a proven performance solution with lightweight cushioning properties, as well as ease of handling and storage.

Packaging applications include:

Protective Packaging

  • Consumer Goods
  • High-Performance Packaging

Thermal Protective Packaging

  • Produce Boxes
  • Fish Boxes
  • Pharmaceutical Shipping Containers
  • Wine Packs


Packaging molded with ARCEL® resin provides superb cushioning and durability, while its lightweight properties help lower freight and other packaging costs. ARCEL resin offers a foam solution for protective packaging that enables a smaller package design without sacrificing any of the protective properties found with bulkier foams, as well as cost savings. When shipping products, the dimensional weight of a packaged product often determines the cost of shipping large, lightweight products or boxes. ARCEL resin helps our customers to reduce their packaging sizes without compromising the protection of their products.

Protective Packaging

ARCEL advanced foam resin can also reduce packaging size, resulting in a positive effect on cost-savings and sustainability benefits. Reduced cube size enables more boxes to fit on every truck, container and pallet. This means you can send fewer shipments, and enjoy lower costs of transport and inventory throughout the supply chain. ARCEL resin also presents your product and your brand at its best — reducing not only actual shipping damage, but also the false perception of damage that can occur when customers receive broken packaging. As a result, customers are more satisfied and product returns from perceived damage are far fewer. Because returns can represent a large cost for manufacturers, fewer returns can add up to significant savings.

Packaging Applications Include:

High-end Consumer Electronics

  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Televisions

Furniture and Cabinetry

Household Appliances​​