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Other Applications


EPS is a very versatile product that can be custom molded into a limitless number of shapes. Due to its physical characteristics, such as low density, stiffness, water resistance and thermal resistivity, EPS is the ideal lightweight product for many new and existing applications. A variety of material grades are available to meet the requirements of a wide range of uses.

Custom shape examples include:

  • Seedling Trays
  • End Caps
  • Picnic Coolers/Buckets
  • Water Tank Floats
  • Marine Flotation
  • Lost Foam Casting
  • Toys


ARCEL® resin is often synonymous with packaging foam; however, this resilient foam material is ideal for many other applications as well. When using ARCEL resin as an automotive component or in a consumer product, for example, many of our customers have been able to reduce the weight of their product without compromising performance. These lighter parts improve performance when considering fuel efficiency. Whether through lighter vehicles on the road or by reducing the weight of shin guards for soccer players, ARCEL resin is a lightweight foam material that offers optimum performance.

Automotive Components

ARCEL resin has impact properties that make this robust foam a good fit for automotive components. When determining which foam to use, automakers should consider ARCEL resin to be a viable alternative to meet existing foam component specifications. This provides automakers an opportunity to lightweight vehicles without compromising performance or durability.


Similar to the benefits of using ARCEL resin in automotive components, this high performance foam can provide opportunities to lightweight foam components for products such as child car seats. ARCEL resin is a cost-effective alternative to EPP foam.

Reusable Automotive Part Trays

See Material Handling 


Whether in helmets, child safety seats or protective sports gear, ARCEL advanced foam resin has a long history of providing superior protection for people as well as for packaged products.

Sports & Recreation

ARCEL advanced foam resin has become a material of choice for consumer products such as surfboards, boogie boards, lightweight shin guards and model airplanes due to its unique combination of strength, durability and flexibility.​