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Material Handling


ARCEL® resins’ performance characteristics include the stiffness of polystyrene and the durability of polyolefins. These attributes make this material ideal for multi-use material handling products such as dunnage trays, tote bins and pallets.

Bulk Packaging Trays & Tote Bins

ARCEL resin is a resilient product with higher compressive strength than EPP at the same density, which leads to superior stackability with reusable trays produced from ARCEL resins.

Material handling applications using ARCEL resin include reusable trays for automotive parts suppliers and tote bins for glass panels to be used for television assemblies.

ARCEL 730B resin forms a gray product that is ideal for use in multiple use dunnage applications because dirt and grease will not show as readily as it will on a white foam product.

Foam Pallets

Increasing regulations and higher standards for pallets used in the transportation of international shipments are causing logistics companies, manufacturers and brand owners to consider the use of plastic pallets instead of the traditional wood pallets. Plastic pallets produced with foam resins are lightweight and able to be recycled in a closed loop.

ARCEL resin can be used as the foam core of a pallet covered with a plastic skin or as the entire pallet, with no skin. In both cases, ARCEL resin is a more durable alternative to expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam pallets for companies who want to maximize the number of uses of a pallet before it is recycled.​