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Geofoam is an application where EPS blocks are used in civil engineering geotechnical applications, primarily as an alternative fill material for road construction projects. For construction projects under time constraints or when soil conditions will not support the weight of a conventionally built road, geofoam is a material of choice due to the speed of installation and the reduced settling time. EPS is significantly lighter than soil and other lightweight fills and is exceptionally fast to install, giving this EPS application a proven performance record in road construction projects for more than 30 years. While its light weight does not disturb fragile underlying soil, the strength of properly engineered geofoam can support roads, traffic and buildings. The quality of EPS block geofoam is governed by ASTM D6817.

NOVA Chemicals EPS resins specifically designed for Geofoam applications have greatly improved the processing and pre-puff aging time for a broad range of densities, shortening overall block production time and reducing the productivity barriers imposed by limited space in aging silos.


Geofoam applications include:

  • Embankment construction over soft ground
  • Protection of underground structures
  • Reduce lateral load on walls and abutments
  • Slope stability remediation
  • Airport runway stabilization