Technology Centres

NOVA Chemicals' Research and Technology centres are located in Canada and the United States. We are continually finding ways of improving what we are doing, and these centres are where it all begins.

NOVA Chemicals Research & Technology Centre

NOVA Chemicals Research & Technology Centre 
​The NOVA Chemicals Research & Technology Centre (NRTC), located in Calgary, Alberta, is dedicated to providing research and development services to
NOVA Chemicals Corporation and our development partners.

Technology is founded on research and development. NOVA Chemicals invests to attract the best people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world to form our vigorous, talented technology team. This dynamic workplace has led to exciting breakthroughs across the spectrum of our customer-focused R&D.
Activities at NRTC include research and development on petrochemicals including olefins and polyethylene, pipeline operation and integrity, and environmental aspects of our business operations. We focus on the development and commercialization of higher-quality, lower-cost and sustainable petrochemical processes and higher-value products for NOVA Chemicals' customers.

NOVA Chemicals Technical Centre

The NOVA Chemicals Technical Centre (NCTC), located in Calgary, Alberta, is dedicated to plastics technology development and customer technical support.
Technical Service Specialists with plastics resin processing experience work closely with personnel from NOVA Chemicals manufacturing plants and business management to continually improve the technology used in the manufacture of high-quality products. These specialists are experts in the processing of NOVA Chemicals resins in film, extrusion coating, molding, profile extrusion and end-use applications. They work together with NOVA Chemicals' customers to optimize resin selection and end-use performance. To provide fast response to customer needs, highly trained technical service personnel are based in key locations throughout the United States and Canada.

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