SCLAIRTECH™ Solution Phase Polyethylene Technology

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Using SCLAIRTECH multi-reactor solution phase technology and a proprietary Ziegler-Natta catalyst system, NOVA Chemicals can produce SCLAIR® resins with both wide Density ranges (0.905 – 0.960 g/cm3) and wide Melt Index ranges (0.20 to 150 g/10 min) using  butene-1 comonomer.

Customers find that SCLAIR resins can be easily tailored to meet their needs and have excellent overall processability, which provides them with increased throughput. SCLAIR technology produces linear low-density (LLDPE), medium-density (MDPE) and high-density (HDPE) polyethylene products for performance applications. The tailoring and versatility of SCLAIR resins makes them suited for injection molding, and flexible packaging applications. Common end-use products include caps and closures, housewares, pails and food packaging.

Melt Index vs. Density


Molecular Weight Distribution vs. Density