Research and Development

Research and technology provides the foundation for NOVA Chemicals and sets us apart from our competition. NOVA Chemicals is committed to research and development. Through the diversity of our research and technology sites, we are able to create value for our customers that is unique to our products.

Joffre, Alberta 

PE Process Development

Our process scientists and engineers enable the scaling up of our catalyst and process technology advances so as to deliver the desired product.  More broadly, our research programs are vibrant in support of our Advanced SCLAIRTECH, gas phase LL/HDPE and high pressure tubular process platforms.

PE Product Development

NOVA Chemicals is committed to develop polyethylene products to meet the needs of our customers. At NOVA Chemicals, we foster development of both step-change and break-through new products.

PE Applications Development

The Applications lab contains both semi-commercial and lab-scale plastics processing equipment for evaluating product quality performance and simulating customer processing conditions.

Petrochemicals R&D

The term “Petrochemicals” in the operations of NOVA Chemicals refers to the segment of the business that deals with the production of ethylene feedstock and the production of related energy co-products and chemical co-products that occur in the ethylene process.