Polyethylene Process Development


The flagship of NOVA Chemicals’ process innovation is our proprietary Advanced SCLAIRTECH solution process. This dual reactor process allows us to maximize the capability of our catalyst innovations and produce value-added products for our customers. More broadly, our research programs support our process technology platforms and are targeted to:
  • improving asset operating efficiencies
  • innovating processes that enable commercialization of new catalyst developments
  • developing models and process operating conditions which will allow the cost-effective scale up and manufacture of value added products



Strength in catalysis is a core competency at NOVA Chemicals. Our work includes

  • Commercialization of the NOVACAT® family of catalysts for the gas phase polyethylene process
  • Enabling substantial production rate improvements while maintaining product quality and performance
  • Development and commercialization of a proprietary single-site catalyst used to produce our unique SURPASS® product family

We maintain an active catalyst research and development portfolio, continuously working to improve efficiencies, quality and operability in our olefins and polyethylene process technologies, and to deliver innovative polyethylene product architectures to the marketplace.