High Pressure Tubular Technology

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High-pressure tubular technology employs variable temperature organic peroxide initiators fed in at various reactor points, combined with multiple chain transfer agents, to manufacture NOVAPOL® LDPE products in the density range of 0.916 – 0.924 g/cm3 and wide Melt Index ranges of 0.25 to 40 g/10 min.

LDPE Applications

  • Blending applications with LLDPE, mulitlayer packaging for food applications - snack pouches, stand-up pouches, frozen food packaging
  • Heavy-duty sack applications - potting soil, insulation, industrial packaging, pet food bags
  • Collation shrink film - cans, water bottles, juices
  • Cast film - bakery film, frozen food packaging, kitchen cling wrap
  • Protective packaging foam (e.g., electronics, furniture edge protection)
  • Other foam (e.g., gaskets, orthotics, toys, pool noodles, foam shapes and profiles)
Extrusion Coating
  • Thin LDPE coatings on paper, foil, etc. - sugar packages, juice boxes, institutional french-fry bags
  • Industrial coatings - coating on woven substrates for tarpaulins, lumber wrap, etc.
Caps and Closures
  • Tamper evident closures, bottle caps and closures
  • Wire and cable, tubing, general purpose injection-molded articles

Melt Index vs. Density


Molecular Weight Distribution vs. Density