Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ Technology

NOVA Chemicals has developed a dual-reactor solution polyethylene technology, known as Advanced SCLAIRTECH Technology. This technology employs advanced reactor engineering and catalyst chemistry, and delivers products with tailored molecular architecture and performance.

With this dual-reactor solution technology we use both proprietary single-site (SSC) or Ziegler-Natta (ZN) catalysts in combination with octene-1 comonomer, producing products branded as SURPASS® (SSC resins) and as SCLAIR® (ZN resins).

Advanced SCLAIRTECH Technology can deliver both wide Density ranges (0.905 – 0.967 g/cm3) and wide Melt Index ranges (0.40 to 150 g/10 min). Additionally, the dual reactor process allows for tailored molecular weight distributions – from very narrow to broad.

Melt Index vs. Density



Molecular Weight Distribution vs. Density




Products manufactured using our Advanced SCLAIRTECH Technology are used in a wide variety of applications:

• Film applications include food packaging, heavy-duty sacks and hygiene products.
• Injection molding applications include ice cream containers, packaging lids and caps & closures.
• Rotational molding applications include dumpsters and industrial storage containers.

Visit our Resin Families page for more information on our SCLAIR and SURPASS resins.