NOVA Chemicals is the licensor of its proprietary NOVACAT® family of catalysts.
The NOVACAT catalysts are a series of advanced, supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts designed specifically for the gas-phase platform. NOVACAT catalysts are capable of producing butene and hexene Linear-Low Density PE (LLDPE) copolymers with improved performance characteristics, superior hexene copolymers having high dart impact properties, and competitive HDPE resins.  Implementation of this catalyst technology improves the economic performance of the plant by permitting an increase in production rates.

NOVACAT catalysts are supported by existing commercial operations, as well as on-going research and development, to further expand on the capabilities of the catalysts. 
NOVA Chemicals has developed a proprietary anti-coking furnace tube technology, ANK400, which increases on-stream time for ethylene furnaces. This technology achieves an inner-wall surface chemistry with a demonstrated ability to significantly reduce catalytic coking.  ANK 400 has been licensed to Kubota Corporation with rights to manufacture and globally market the product to ethylene facilities for gas feedstock cracking applications.
Our commitment to research and development ensures that the technologies are continually advanced to maintain their leading edge performance.